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Medical Tourism


Establishes the International Patient Division at Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital (Pune, India), the 1st company in India to manage the international business of a tertiary care hospital on an out-sourced model.


The Group moves into its new Corporate Office at Tardeo, Mumbai. Marks its foray in Healthcare Consultancy Services with a project in Zimbabwe. Complete successful installation of 2 CT Scan Machines in Zimbabwe (Harare & Bulawayo)


UniHealth & Ethiopian Air join hands to provide Medical Travel Facilitation Services across Africa. West Africa headquarters established in Lagos, Nigeria. The Group expands its presence to more than 20 African countries.


Enters the East African market by establishing presence in Tanzania. Awarded the 'Best Medical Tourism Company of the Year 2014' at Healthcare Excellence Awards 2014 in New Delhi


Marks entry into Mozambique. Group decides to invest and establish medical centres across Africa. Awarded 'Emerging Healthcare Company of the Year' at Business Leaders Summit & Awards 2015 and 'Company of the Year for Valued Contribution in Indian Medical Tourism Industry' at CIMS Healthcare Excellence Awards 2015


Commissions 'Unihealth Medical Centre' in Mwanza, Tanzania and Kampala, Uganda. Initiates for for state-of-art tertiary hospitals in Kano, Nigeria and Kampala, Uganda


Commissions UMC Victoria Hospital in Kampala, Uganda, by taking over the assets of erstwhile Kadic Hospital. Also commissions UMC Zhahir Hospital in Kano, Nigeria


Commissions its state-of-art 70 bed tertiary care hospital in Kampala, Uganda, opposite the existing UMC Victoria Hospital. First Private Sector Hospital in the country to have a Cardiac Cath Lab

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