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UMC Victoria Hospital

UMC Hospitals

Where Care Comes First

UMC Hospitals is Africa's leading providers of comprehensive world class healthcare services. With a growing network across the continent, the Group ensures treatment across all specialties. With the aim to provide "Quality Healthcare to All", the Group headquartered in India, has established technologically advanced state of art hospitals in Uganda and Nigeria, ably supplemented by its network of medical centers in these countries. The Group has specialized medical centers in Tanzania and is set to exploring expansion of its network and capacity in the region in the coming years.


UMC Hospitals found roots in the undying desire of its Founders to ensure provision of quality healthcare services to one and all. Started as a medical center in Mwanza (Tanzania) in 2016, the Group has expanded to having presence across 3 countries in Africa with a commissioned tertiary care bed capacity of 200 beds and an ever expanding network of medical centers.


ONE NAME | ONE MOTTO | "Where Care Comes First"

The Group is home to a dedicated skilled team of internationally trained medical professionals, para-medics and administrators, backed by the latest state-of-art, internationally bench-marked technologies, with the unifying motto of "Where Care Comes First".

UMC Hospitals & Unihealth Medical Centers

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