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Corporate Social Responsibility

"Leave a mark wherever you tread. Let your footsteps be an inspiration for others to follow. Beauty of your work lies deep in the hearts of those you come across. Touch the soul and inspire the heart, as with the society, it is YOU who will be liberated"


- Anonymous


These lines outline the principles for the Group's Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Being only a 5-year old enterprise, the Group has embarked on its mission to ensure provision of effective, sustainable and affordable healthcare services to every individual it comes across by launching the "United in Healthcare Initiative".

The Group, by way of extending free healthcare opinion and assistance to people from economically weaker sections of the society, contributes to its mission, while steadily laying the structure for a larger global initiative. In order to extend and make available healthcare services to under-developed regions in Africa, the Group has initiated commissioning of Tele-Medicine and Tele-Healthcare Centers, connecting these regions with its command center in Pune, allowing patients gain easy and instant access to specialists in India to discuss their healthcare requirements and accordingly plan further treatments.

UniHealth Initiatives | Steps towards an Empowered Future


Pediatric Cardiac Surgeries

UniHealth Group, in association with like-minded organizations, foundations and individuals provides assistance and facilitates the surgeries for pediatric patients from Nigeria suffering from congenital cardiac conditions, giving them a new found life

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Children with Disabilities

UMC Victoria Hospital (Uganda) has partnered Lato Milk to support their initiative of providing the required surgical treatments for children with physical disabilities, allowing the children get back on their feet and take their steps towards a bright future

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Free Medical OPD's

Across all UniHealth Group Hospitals & Medical Centres, the Group undertakes and organized 'Free Medical OPD's' for patients unable to access quality healthcare services in view of economic constraints, providing them the necessary medical assistance they need

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